Saturday, July 25, 2015

Japan - Snack Time! (2)

Matcha (Green Tea) Kit-Kat 
How can you not have this Matcha Kit Kat when you are in JAPAN!! So yeap, I bought this twice in 2 weeks! Just couldn’t resist! In Sydney, this pack of thing cost at least $6 to $8 depending where you got it from. In Tokyo, you can get it at the convenience store at about 300 (approximately AU$3.50). I am looking forward to get to the Kit Kat flagship store!!

Vege cereal! Isn’t this too healthy XD?

The Best Rich Chocolate Milk (Self-proclaimed)
Enough said.

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Japan - Snack Time! (1)

One of the superior went on holiday and he treated the office staff with this! Honestly, I still don’t get what is the difference between the mochi that we normally know, and daifuku (I think this is just a chilled version of mochi). Yum!
お萩 Ohagi
Google told me is a bean cake. The concept is mochi or like omanju, but is different in terms of the glutinous rice is wrapped by the paste. Usually is the glutinous flour wrapped the paste like above, but this is the reverse. And is not glutinous flour, is glutinous rice!

Just biscuits that I usually get when I am in Malaysia and in Sydney! I remember my grandma love the sesame one too!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Cup Noodle Experience

I came to Tokyo on a short notice, and didn’t manage to prepare much. I reported to work once I touch down, so no time for groceries, and most importantly, no cash. I sort of foresee that I will be on a tight budget (which is true) and expected to have instant cup noodles for the first few days, which I did. I heard and saw online that Japan has heaps of different version cup noodles, but somehow I didn’t manage to find those types. I ended up eating different variety of cup noodles, just to find those interesting one, although I already sort of ‘tired’ of it.  Missed out 4 of them at the moment :/

Egg and Seaweed! (Isn't the horse cute?)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

From Sydney to Tokyo - Shopping, Grocery-ing, Convenience Shop(-ping)

Coming from SEA country, then lived in Oceania for almost 4 years, and now relocating to Asia for a year. It is quite an experience I shall say and I just got lost as in culture shock or reverse culture shock then reverse culture shock again. Well, like you can see, I am FonCused. ^^

Just want to share and jot down my discovery :)

Shopping, Grocery-ing, Convenience Shop(-ping)

Shopping day is everyday including weekends! Unlike Sydney, despite weekends, departmental store just close as usual, like 5-6pm. Even though there is late night shopping on Thursday night, I doubted that I will walk around since I still need to work on the next day. So yeah, in Tokyo, weekends are just pack with people, from stores to public transport, which this is the bit I missed about home, yet can’t really adapt to it (because I used to the slow paced moment while in Sydney).

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kinokuniya / Book 1st


*另一家书店 - Book 1st Shinjuku*
然后呢……我还找到了一本印尼语的男女对话教学书!买这些书的人估计就是想找异国的媳妇儿/女婿 *窃笑* V(^o^)V